Solar Water

Project Overview.

This project aims to develop and initiate deployment of an innovative small-scale, low-energy, low-cost solar-powered water desalination or water system, based on a breakthrough on solar powered desalination system in the University of Nottingham.

The proposed system will provide fresh water from saline and brackish water using solar powered, small-scale desalination system suitable for commercial and household applications.

Solar Water

The system utilises hollow fibre membranes as a humidification units, for a desalination system based on humidification and dehumidification. The system can be powered by thermal solar system or PV powered heat pump system.

This offers a sustainable solution for rural population in countries facing water shortages or water quality deterioration. The system would have a high demand, in particular along the Red sea and Mediterranean sea coast.

The project will capitalize on Egypt’s solar energy endowment and provide an opportunity for UK and Egyptian industrial players to pioneer the development of a new and cost effective water desalination/treatment technology.